About Engin Akış

I was born in Istanbul, 1957. Graduated from Tarsus American College in 1975 and Faculty of Business Administration
of Bosphorous University in 1980. I worked as a professional between 1981-1996. In May 1996, I established my own
company and started working as the Agent of Metsa Board / Finland for the Turkish market. I, still, am working as their
agent. I am married and have one daughter.

I started travelling towards end of 1990's. During the years, travelling became a passion for me. This passion brought
the desire to photograph the places I visit, what I see. So, I started with a small compact digital camera. Things started
getting serious as I enjoyed shooting and as I heard good, encouraging comments from friends. I bought better
cameras, lenses, stronger zooms, etc,etc ... and here I am ...

I am not a professional photographer though ... and definately not a photography artist. Just an enthusiastic amateur
who enjoys travelling, shooting photographs and share them with friends. I did not built this site with any commercial
targets. Built it just to share my photographs with all travellers who know or do not know me.

Hope you enjoy my photgraphs ... I enjoyed when I shot  them.

Engin Akış
Istanbul, November 2014

PS : Thanks to dear Can Berkol from Biber Ltd for designing this website and to my dear friends Ibrahim Temo and
Cihan Durmuşoğlu for their cd support to select the musics...


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